Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In the Northern Hemisphere, we move into Autumn. The arc of the sun shrinks on the horizon. Days shorten. The light becomes sharper on clear, dry days.

It is easy to ignore the turning of the seasons in an urban environment. Our lives, tied to illuminated panels, large and small, are less impacted by the shrinking hours of natural light. The projected world, a transmitted construct of bytes and code, fuses with the natural world in our distracted minds.

Get out. Look around. Breathe deeply. Leave the iPhone at home. Walk (not ride) in the world and look at the houses, the trees, the gardens. Meet the eyes of your neighbors. Stop and talk with someone who is working or sitting in a yard or on a porch.

The time is coming when this activity will be more difficult, less attractive. Take advantage of the season. Be present in your natural environment, whatever and wherever it may be.


Tzipi W said...

So nice. :)

Paul Creeden said...

Thank you. You may also wish to follow my current daily blog. The Practical Humanist.

Gordon Ritchie said...

This morning, at the Unitarian Church of Edmonton, I led a service on Humanism. Not only did we use "Autumn" as our opening words, but the sermon was based of your writings and life experience. It was an extremely moving service. Thank you for your insight and inspiration. Gordon Ritchie. Edmonton, Alberta.

Paul Creeden said...

Gordon, Thank you for letting me know about this. It made me smile.